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Gaming rant: “Nintendoomed” and why the Wii U won’t necessarily fail 

So as some of you might know, Nintendo released their new console, the Wii U, in the end of last year. And as some of you might also know, it hasn’t gone as well as they or the fans expected.

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So one thing I’ve found a bit annoying

whenever some cool-looking Japanese game is released and people in western regions want it, you always see a lot of “game X to america please!” No, there’s nothing wrong with wanting the game, but by just saying America it’s excluding the european region, which also wants the game? Which is especially annoying on region-locked consoles - it doesn’t help European gamers if it gets released in America (and not Europe) since even if it’s in English now, we can’t play it on our consoles - with no region lock it wouldn’t be such a big problem since hey, we could still import it. I prefer to say “the west” for this reason, as it includes both regions. It’s almost MORE annoying when there’s a version out in a language you can read, but your console can’t play it… why not wish for it in more regions, and not just your own?

Though I have seen “game x to europe” now and then too (not for american-released games with no euro release, but for japanese-only games) it seems to be mostly Americans from what I’ve seen.

Eh, just a few thoughts. Hope this makes sense

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alright it’s fine to hear critiques, and I agree the video wasn’t perfect, but there are a few things that bug me about this

the “well it’s because it what makes money” argument: yeah, we all know this, but that really shouldn’t mean we aren’t allowed to complain about it? it might be what sells, but… that doesn’t mean people aren’t allowed to critique it, complain about a tired old trope that’s still used? I don’t see why this is an argument.

also “saving your loved ones”, fair point. But then shouldn’t we also see more girls saving guys too, couldn’t it just as well be switched around? the problem is not “someone saving the ones they love” , the problem with it is that it’s almost always being the WOMAN that has to be saved, and by a MAN. which brings me to my next point.

…the thing about “men having more body strength that women” - well, it might be true that in general they do, but it’s a video game… have you seen the kinds of things game characters can do? jumping several times their own height, fighting tons and tons of enemies and running around for hours without getting tired. I think few men (or for that matter, women) in real life would be able to pull that off…  it’s a fantasy world where people can do all kinds of amazing things, so I don’t think women being as “strong” as men would be too much of an acceptable break from reality in a world like that. also other things than body strength could be important! agility, tecniques… I don’t know what all those words are but my point it there are other skills that come in handy when fighting enemies or exploring stages or what have you.

so yeah… I’m bad with words but I hope what I said makes sense.

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unpopular (?) opinion

I don’t think deviantart is all that bad, really

and I DO know the site has problems with art theft, trolls, annoying weeaboos, tracing/bases, and more

but if you look away from them… I don’t think it’s that terrible as everyone says. I see why some people dislike it(I dislike parts of it too), but I think the site gets a bit too much hate

it’s just an art site, and it is/could be good for that purpose

plus I don’t know of that many other (good) art sites, so it’s dA for me

I’m just a teenager on the net who likes to draw as a hobby, and posting these drawings a place where I can get comments and feedback - an art site is best for this, to properly collect all your stuff in one place, get comments, ect.

(and when I look at some other sites I’m just AAAH EVERYONE’S SO EXTREMELY GOOD HERE I’M SCARED TO POST MY “just decent” STUFF … I feel like I should improve first…)

plus, all my friends with art site accounts are on dA so that’s another point that’s keeping me there I guess

bleh I just felt like getting this out since I see a lot of hate

sure, if you don’t like dA, that’s cool with me and I can see why

but it’s probably not as bad as you might think

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so I don’t think I’ll ever get why every time flash makes an updates version, the old one suddenly becomes unusable

it’s the same damn thing, minus a few updates/changes? not sure how that stuff works

the new version is improved, sure, and I’ll get it eventually, be patient! It’s no fun logging on one day and suddenly seeing “OHAI YOUR FLASH IS OUTDATED SORRY NO FLASH FOR YOU UNTIL YOU DOWNLOAD THE NEW ONE”

and of course I have to close down my browser when installing it. well isn’t that great.

EDIT: and of course, it opens a new window to say “OH HAI YOUR NEW FLASH IS INSTALLED” meaning the tabs I had when closing it down are now gone. :c

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I really wish neopets had an option for name changes

(rant/rambling ahead)

because… don’t we all have these pets made long ago when we were young and stupid that ends up with terrible names, that we regret? But we want to keep them for all the effort on them?

I have one, a Meerca, and I’ve had her since I started neo 8th years ago.

I loved her from the start(I guess I decided to make her my “main pet”), and still do. Her name… not as much. It has 5 goddamn numbers after it, because kid!me had no imagination for names and thought the name generator would be a great idea. (if it still works the same way, it just makes up a random word with some numbers after it) So her name is gauditt73928. (I just call her Gaudy or Gauditt)

So after some years, I regretted this. But I had spent so much time on this pet! While other pets got created and dropped away in the pound, Gaudy stayed. She eventually got painted Shadow(my plan from the moment I saw a Shadow Meerca, because at the time, black was my favorite color), got all kinds of books and gourmet foods (she still gets fed the latter all the time, I pretty much spend all my NP on fancy expensive snacks for her… it’s kind of a personal hobby) and it would feel like such a waste to “start over” with a better-named pet. Especially now. I feel like I just wasted a good pet with a name like that.

(on a smaller scale, I also regret calling my Acara “virarulez”. “rulez”, what was kid-me thinking? Though I GUESS it might sounds a bit cool if I try not to see it as “vira rulez” which was kind of the idea.)

And it’s probably not just me. I guess some others might feel this way too, so I think a name change option had been a good idea? I’ve seen a few other virtual pet sites do this, and for them, it seemed to work well…

It could cost an amount of NP, only be done once/twice for each pet and only once every 6 months or something? I know I’d pay up, maybe unless it’s a completely ridiculous amount.

The only issue I see with this might be the petpages(which all have the pet’s name at the end of the url) but there might be a way to fix this issue, I guess? I wouldn’t know, I’m not good with this sort of thing. Also, if a pet changes to a name that was previously had by another name-changed pet… not sure if this would be an issue? Also… for the “only change name once” thing, how would this work with adopted pets that already had got their name changed? I don’t know, just thinking too much into a feature that doesn’t exist and probably won’t.

Just a personal thought, really.

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Dear Math, I dont want to solve your problems. I have my own problems to solve. So leave me alone ..